Wednesday, April 06, 2011

trying to get my mind right.

In College – free-style battles were sometimes a welcomed respite from a somewhat tense environment. We would gather outside in sub-zero temperatures, huddling for the dual purpose of gaining warmth and beat boxing. I am not claiming that our rhymes were noteworthy, but hip hop is something that has stayed with me and I wouldn’t say it has saved my life per se, but it has held a solid presence ever since.

At times misogynistic and homophobic, as a whole hip-hop represents survival, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately achieving success. I may not have ever sold rocks, nor do I find the need to sleep with a gat by my side, and somewhat fortunately I have no paper for which to be stuck. I do however have my own challenges to face daily for which I need strength to handle and a sweet beat in my ear helps me get through.

Each day you compel me run a little faster, work a little more productively, and relatively speaking, calm my weathered nerves. I guess in a way hip-hop HAS saved my life. So for that I thank you gentleman (and ladies).

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Drea said...

My current hip hop favorites include:
Everything off of the Lupe Fiasco CD
Black and Yellow (still)
Wale - Chillin (feat Lady GAGA)
AND (last but not least)
Snoop Dogg's new song BOOM feat. T PAin