Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reality Check

Have you ever sat back and compared your pre-planned future with its present reality? I am in constant awe of the passage of time and how seemingly little things change, while all the while my reality has been astronomically altered. Did I think this is what my life would have been like as a doe eyed lass? Did I realize I wouldn’t actually be a famous actress, veterinarian, or astronaut? No, but I also never received any sort of psychic certification so I kind of had that coming.

As what I like to call a “practical dreamer”, I don’t tend to look too much on the past, I am more of a forward thinker, however I find myself in a state of contemplation of late. Although I may not be spending my time sans gravity ,as I may have dreamed at one point, I also never could have predicted I would have a life filled with such amazing individuals, some of whom have been a part of it for many years and many monumental moments.

Although I need to work harder at taking advantage of all of the opportunities that surround me, especially in the amazing city that is New York, I do feel extremely lucky. I live in one of the world’s greatest cities in an apartment I can almost afford. I have even explored many cultural happenings such as purchasing illegal margaritas in the outlying sections of Central Park during Summer Stage, posing as art dealers at the Frieze Art Fair (mostly for free champagne), and most importantly traversed to Brooklyn for several delights involving Tikis, Discos, and other delicious treats. If it is at all possible, I will uncover new jewels I am sure.

In other news due to airport security and increased internet privacy rumors I have determined to phase out my usage of the phrase da bomb, however I am replacing it with a more universally friendly I be jammin’. Neither really make much sense in my day-to-day conversation, however life always seems a little better with ill placed out of date jargon. Peace. Out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things My Mom Taught Me

A few years ago I had a blog. I never really wrote about much and I basically only had one reader, my mom. Actually I had a few more based on knowledge attained by nerding out to some Google analytics., but regardless, I stopped writing for a while. I was having a hard time finding life to be amusing enough to warrant commentary. Now, having recently lost my main reader and supporter, I would like to remember her here and often and resurrect my once beloved blog. To be succinct, my mom was the best. A lot of people may consider their mom their best friend and I am definitely in that camp, but she far surpassed that role. Beyond giving birth to me, for which I am truly grateful, she was my number one supporter and fan. She was my motivator, my therapist, my teacher, and my stand up comedian. She had an absolutely amazing ability to know exactly which hat to wear when I needed it just by the tone of my voice. So I called often. It may not be the coolest admission, but I have always preferred my mom’s company (and Dad’s but this post is about Mom) to many others and before she got sick they were always on the invite list to each of my swinging gatherings. My mom was also amazingly quirky, while simultaneously getting along with almost every person she encountered. Below are some of my favorite Mom-isms that I will plan bestow upon my own offspring. I share them here so that you may perhaps glean something from her knowledge as well.

1.“Life is not fair.” – This one is painfully true, but always allowed me to keep it somewhat real. Before things got real…

2.“Find your passion.” A realist, my mom always pushed me to realize that life is too short not to follow your passion.

3.“The writing is on the wall” Said realism allowed my mother to offer complete clarity on any given situation. “It is pretty black and white- if he doesn’t bring you soup when you have mono, the writing is on the wall. He’s just not that into you.” She could and should have written that book and movie.

4.“If you don’t want to go out, just tell your friends you have a bad period.” This mentioned in a previous post and was some of the most hilarious and awkward advice I have ever received, however my mom was always super helpful in getting me out of things I didn’t want to do. And usually without using the aforementioned suggested embarrassing excuse.

5.“Okay what really happened?” My mom was quite perceptive and knew I tend to twist the truth to cast a more favorable glow over myself at times. She never would take a biased side and pretty much always knew when I was in the wrong. Pure honesty was always delivered. This went with clothing shopping as well.

Above all, my mom made me the person I am today, and more important still, the person I want to become. I am sure more of this sage wisdom will surface throughout the days and months, as I continue to remember my mom and I am sure everyone has some gems from their own family. Enjoy them, savor them, and remember them.