Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A possible Hiatus

Dear Loyal Readers (Hi Mom!),

It has become apparent by my dwindling posts and sub-par subject material that my life is no longer active enough to sustain or warrant a blog. I have been trying to translate my overactive mind onto these pages, but at this point even those discombobulated thoughts are hardly blog-worthy. But put away your tissue boxes and wipe those tears away this is not the end of Marissa Brady. My life may be boring, but my love for the pen has not yet passed. Therefore, it is only natural that I move to fiction! I have decided to focus my literary efforts towards a full length novel. I will include you on the progress of this endeavor, thus this is not "Good Bye", but more closely "See you Soon".

Warmest Regards,

Marissa Brady


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about your book. It will definitely be a best seller- put me down for a gross!!!!!!!!!!

Hotelie Blogger said...

haha i love you.