Sunday, February 11, 2007

Remember when I dissolved the duck?

My mom recently alerted me to the fact that she would rather I be dating a little blue doll than being a single independent woman. Meet Pierre! This endeavor was much more successful than the grow my own rubber ducky as I learned the dolls' preference for tepid rather than boiling water. Note Pierre's well defined abs and his flexible nature!


Anonymous said...

I thought that your blue boyfriend would be bigger than that. Is he able to go to the gym with you? Do you find that people are prejudiced in Fort Lauderdale regarding blue flexible boyfriends? What does Pierre think of your new haircut?

Hotelie Blogger said...

Oh anonymous, you kill me! How big were you thinking my bf would be? Perhaps 4 feet? I think the FLL residents are pretty open to Pierre and me. They are a fun loving bunch and Pierre loves to party...almost as much as he digs the new haircut.