Saturday, January 21, 2006

warm fuzzies

Yesterday the best news story ever was brought to my attention. It was this:
In case you do not feel the need to read this particular tale, let me fill you in. It describes the friendship that is forged when a little hamster is fed to a snake at the zoo. Instead of eating the hamster, the snake befriends it. Now they spend all day together in the snake cage, talking, napping, and sometimes frollicking. I am basically in love with this story. I wonder what the snake was thinking when he rejected his fuel in order to form a friendship with his sustenance. Isn't it a basic survival instinct to keep your body running? Instead he ignored logic and did something highly emotional, he made a friend. Sometimes people claim that animals have no emotion or feeling, which at times I may be inclined to believe. That is why this story is so great. Our little snake ignored all that was expected of him and defied the laws of the jungle, he befriended his prey. This story basically warmed my heart, it made me want to make a new friend, even if it just may be hamster.

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