Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Top of the Class

I always find it funny when people pretend they aren't insanely smart.Today I saw an unamed person who happens to be the top of our class. I ask this kid how exams are and he gives me this exasperated look as if he is really struggling, drowning so to speak in work. "I am really going to fail this one tommorrow, but I don't even care anymore." he says to me. Then he heads off into the stacks of the library probably for the night to study fervently. This kid would probably faint at the sight of any GPA less than a 4.2, but feigns apathy as if to fool the commoners that he is one of them.Then there are always the ones that sort of balance the score. You know the kid, the one who declares he will wage war if he doesn't get an A on his paper. That smug little grin he has on his face after getting back an exam as he leans over to ask how you did. The schmoozer handing out business cards like candy at every networking event. Have we become too extreme as a society, either ridiculously humble or over the top with ego? deep thoughts by marissa brady...


Douglas Fresh. said...

ha, i love this entry.

especially your use of the word feverently. plus five points.

but... to answer you queuery (woah i TOTALLY spelled that wrong) i think we just live in a warped world called the Hotel School. alot of people here suck alot.




kelly the hotelie said...

Love it! Especially cause I am one of these fuckersssss!
Yeah for road trip :)