Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogging Debut

As a seasoned 21 year old student, the one and only venture I have yet to undertake is the creation of my very own blog. When the idea to write one began to take shape I initially thought to myself..."But what will I write?" I mulled over this for some time and reached the conclusion that I have so much to share that it would truly be a disservice to society if I did not create this blog. I have contributed a lot to my surroundings the past 21 years, my early begginings terrorizing siblings and family pets to the many songs I have dedicated to karaoke regulars. To the parties I have thrown, to the ones I've been thrown out of, I would say that I am a pretty influential member of society...and while most of this is not least I can try the blog for a week and then most likely forget about it.

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